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In an effort to train aspiring scholars interested in advancing new therapeutic agents into the clinical arena, we are announcing our new Translational Research and Clinical Trials Fellowship.

This program is designed to provide a young investigator with the foundation to advance toward a career in new therapeutic agents. With this training, a graduate would have the skills to: 1.) develop and advance new therapeutic agent clinical trials (phase I and phase II studies) 2.) possess the skills necessary for clinical trial monitoring, toxicity assessments and supervising clinical trial execution, 3.) be well educated on the facets of translational research to assist in the advancement of novel therapies into the clinical arena.

In order for the trainee to acquire sufficient skills to advance in this field, it is expected that this training will require a four-year commitment.

In addition to the standard pediatric hematology-oncology curriculum of our program, this position also includes the following features:

  • Support to purse a Masters Degree Clinical Investigation at the Washington University School of Medicine
  • Placement in a mentored translational research position with specialized training in the use of primary patient specimens, preclinical animal models, state-of-the-art genomic analysis and molecular imaging.
  • Use of clinically annotated patient tissue repositories for leukemia, cancer predisposition syndromes, brain tumors and non-brain solid tumors.
  • Using preliminary data from the translational research project to develop clinical trial for the program.
  • Support to travel to one scientific meeting each year of their research training.

Acceptance to this highly innovative program will be based on the applicant’s past experience in translational and clinical research and their ability to commit to this track and a career advancing new experimental agents.

For more information please contact Katrina Crawford, 314-454-4327.

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